Are you sucking on her tits?

I wish.

They’re lovely.

Fuckin drunk alresdy and i am not even at the show yet



Yo I am being real.

If you want to order me a pizza tomorrow. I would love that. But if you even try to stalk me. I have plenty of guns and knives to kill you with. I will gut you like a pig. So. Just. Dont.

I like pepperoni pizza, btw.

If I order you a pizza, I will most certainly stalk you.

And eat some of your pizza.

Just sayin’.

Well, it’s accepted. Please do.


How are you today love? :) x

Excuse me for my late response.
My day has been well for the most part. It could be better if I can shake off this brutal hangover! Overall, fine. Yours?

Thick thigh squad.

Timestamp: 1408747565

Thick thigh squad.

Pissin. My knees hurt.

Timestamp: 1408694420

Pissin. My knees hurt.

Just stopping by to say hi and rock on sexy chick!

Awesome, thanx man. You too!